I am Arielle Blonder, architect by profession, interdisciplinary designer by heart. I live in Tel Aviv, where I combine creative work, teaching and learning, all under my little AMALGAMA studio.


I hold a BArch. from the Technion Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel) , and a MArch. with distinction from the AA school of Architecture (London) in the Emtech program (Emergent Technologies and Design). These days I am a student again, being a Phd candidate at the Technion, half-way through my research.

My practice ranges from architectural design and unique outdoor spaces to sensorial environments for people with special needs, exhibitions, textile design and more. I try to blur disciplinary distinctions and work at all scales, enjoying the collaboration with various great partners. Being part of the curators-creators team of the Israeli pavilion at the 2016 Venice architecture biennale, enhanced collaboration and synthesis towards the field of science with LifeObject: Merging biology and architecture.

My managing experience starts in Paris (2002-2006), where I was CEO of American Supply Paris (americansupplyparis.com), a company that creates, customizes, develops and distributes materials for the luxury and design industry, working with a wide array of customers and applications: from haute couture fashion and garments, to packaging of cosmetics, window display and furniture. Back in Israel, as a faculty member of COMAS Interior design department (2010-2014), I was part of the founding group of FablabIL, and its director.


My research as a PhD candidate is centred on composite materials and fabric materiality, searching for novel processes for architectural applications of FRP.  Being an interdisciplinary research, it spreads to parametric design, digital fabrication and textile design.


My teaching experience spreads across various leading design and architecture faculties in Israel in undergraduate and graduate programs, as a tutor of diploma projects, and lecturer of textile, material research and parametric design.