"Out Of The Mould"

February, 2020

Happy to be hosted soon by the local architecture firm of Price-Piltzer-Yaavetz, to give an inspirational talk over a drink about my work and research. 

Here is a free invitation to all, you are most welcome! 

Thursday, 26.2.2020, 18:00

Even Gabirol 76, Fl04

(**the talk and the invite are in Hebrew**)

Price Piltzer Yavetz_Invitation.jpg

Science&Design: Frustrated Materials

February, 2020

It was a great excitement and pleasure to participate in the launch of the collaborative platform between scientists and designers, "Artificial Natures", the initiative and vision of the one and only, Prof, Eran Sharon, together with Arch. Nati Alfassi. 

Shira, my partner at Jacquard 2.0, and I were happy to present our ongoing design-art work in collaboration with scientists.

It is encouraging and inspiring to hear and meet scientists like Benoit Roman (Paris), Antonio de Simone (Rome) and Yasmin Meroz (Tel Aviv), blurring the distinctions between scientists and designers, making this whole collaboration thing seem almost obvious and essential.

The greatest pleasure of all was peeking at my ex-students (carefully selected for the occasion) showing their work and discussing it vividly with our distinguished guests. 

Science design platform _Presentation _0
Science design platform _Presentation _0

Science design platform _Presentation _0
Science design platform _Presentation _0

Science design platform _Presentation _0
Science design platform _Presentation _0

Describe your image

Science design platform _Presentation _0
Science design platform _Presentation _0


"Limited Edition"

January, 2020

Participating in the fantastic annual conference of the Department of Material Culture at Bezalel, this year in collaboration with the Centre of Disability Studies at the Hebrew University, and titled "Limited Edition".

We presented Include's work  in the field of sensorial outdoor spaces for people with disabilities. We shared our thoughts about the evolution from Normalisation towards Humanism in the approach to disability in the society, and the 

way playgrounds today should evolve from normalisation to humanistic sensorial customisation.

extreme outdoor_Include presentation
extreme outdoor_Include presentation

extreme outdoor_Ilanot sensorial _pinARt
extreme outdoor_Ilanot sensorial _pinARt

extreme outdoor_Agam_shade and water
extreme outdoor_Agam_shade and water

extreme outdoor_Include presentation
extreme outdoor_Include presentation


GSA seminar

September 2019

So lucky to be part of the Lab GSA (Geometry, Structure, Architecture) at ENSA Paris Malaquais (Malaquais school of architecture in Paris), where I  am doing a partial post-doctoral fellowship,  with the incredible Prof. Maurizio Brocato. 

So incredible,  that we all had a chance to finally be introduced to all the incredible stuff going on at the lab, and our fellow's research, in a seminar - in Sicily !! 

No one compares to Italians when it comes to combining business (or research) with pleasure... 


Sicily_ GSA_SBookofabstracts __Page_2
Sicily_ GSA_SBookofabstracts __Page_2

Sicily_GSA_  Fun01
Sicily_GSA_ Fun01



Textile Intersections

September 2019

Pleasure to present and share ideas with all kind of peoples who think textiles are a key to interdisciplinary  innovation ! 

Happy and proud to present the  concept of Fabric Materiality and my PhD reasearch at the Textile Intersections conference in London. 

Textile Intersections_presenting 01
Textile Intersections_presenting 01

Textile intersections_FM_Pres 02
Textile intersections_FM_Pres 02

Textile Intersections_presenting_final s
Textile Intersections_presenting_final s

Textile Intersections_presenting 01
Textile Intersections_presenting 01


Bezalel Residency 

August-September 2019

Shira Shoval and I were lucky enough to be selected for the residency program of the department of ceramics and glass design at the Bezalel academy of arts and design. There, we have the opportunity to develop our ongoing research in frustrated materials, inspired by (and in collaboration with) the physicist Prof. Eran Sharon. This time "material frustration" is expressed in 3D in the world of Porcelain. 

We are excited towards our future mini-exhibition, that will summarise this residency. 

DesignTech2019- Presenting 'Composite Design'


Presenting at the DesignTech 2019 conference, at the Technion Institute of Technology. 

It was a great opportunity to think of the years-long creative collaboration with Shira Shoval (as Jacquard 2.0) , under the concept of 'Composite Design'. 

We have jointly presented the concept of Composite Design (neither multidisciplinary, nor interdisciplinary nor transdisciplinary....) as a new creative collaborative model, through some of our recent works.

DeisgnTech conference header
DeisgnTech conference header

Presenting with Shira Shoval

Composite design_presentation
Composite design_presentation

Frustrated Materials

Composite design_Diagram
Composite design_Diagram

*.disciplinary... composite design

DeisgnTech conference header
DeisgnTech conference header

Presenting with Shira Shoval


Paris Architecture - A love story


It was a privilege and great fun to be invited by TIK Projects to curate, organise and lead an architectural tour in Paris for the office team. 

Three and a half days of urbanism, architecture, stories, plans, walking, talking and learning lots of things. 

Tik Projects Paris Tour Zeev.jpg
Tik Projects Paris tour .jpeg

I have discovered a great team, an inspiring office leader, and rediscovered, once again, how much i love and admire this city, its architecture, its past and future. 

An endless source of inspiration. 

Tik Projects Paris Tour group

PhD - Check

How fantastically symbolic is it, to finish and hand-in the copy of endless phd on the 1st of April ! 

Great great feeling.... 

well, almost done


Still waiting for the defence though, to be able to declare fully - Mission Accomplished!

Shibush - Textile Disruption

'Drapirovka' is reinterpreted as 'Textile Disruption', displayed at the group exhibition 'Shibush' [Disruption], at the Vitrina Gallery in HIT Holon, curated by Galina Arbeli and Michal Kastiel. 

A dynamic textile piece, reflecting on our Israeli material culture of space, ornament and textile tradition. 

Group exhibition, Vitrina Gallery, HIT


Fabric Materiality_ARielle blonder _than

Fabric Materiality - Seminar lecture - Thanks!

It was an unexpected and great pleasure, to be standing there in front of a packed room, sharing my research !

Thank you all for coming to my seminar lecture, it was an inspiring experience, and i enjoyed your comments, questions and ideas. 

Fabric Materilaity seminar lecture photo

Fabric Materiality - Seminar lecture


The fruit of several years of PhD research will finally  be fully presented to the general public - for your valuable comments, reflections, ideas and critics!

I am happy to invite you all to my seminar lecture at the Technion, the final step before submitting the full PhD! 

See you all there... 

Save the Date lecture.jpg

Frustrated Material - Gallery talk 


A gallery talk, as part of our exhibition currently on display at Bet Binyamini. 

Eran Sharon, will give the scientific background for working with frustrated materials (simply and clearly, no worries ! ) . Shira and I will talk about the interest we find in it as designers, and Shlomit Bauman, our dear curator, will moderate the talk, to find out about the magic that happens when designers and scientists meet at the lab... 

הזמנה לשיח גלריה 5.10.18.jpg

Frustrated Material


A duo exhibition, for Shira Shoval and Myself at Bet Binyamini gallery in Tel Aviv! 

The exhibition is curated by the fantastic Shlomit Bauman, in the form of 3 separate exhibitions running in parallel under the collective title of 'Natural-Technological' . 

We present our recent and ongoing collaboration with Prof. Eran Sharon, a physicist from the Hebrew University. 

The exhibition will run trough September and October, and we will give 2 gallery talks . See you there ! 

tivi technologi_invitation_Frustrated Ma

Ashdod mythical market - urban regeneration project


We take part in a great moment of Ashdod's history. The mythical market of "quarter Bet" is starting a process of renewal and regeneration. A unique moment where the municipality and the citizens go hand in hand in a joint project, co-funded and co-directed. The owners gathered for a meeting and have unanimously voted to go for the project. The Maire, Mr. Yechiel Lassri, together with his great team of managers and operators, have made everything for this decision to pass at the municipal level.

The project is on ! Include is happy and excited to lead the architectural process. 

Ashdod Bet Market_Small
Asdod Bet Market_Medium
Ashdod Bet Market_XL

Sustainable Paris


Three days packed with information and unique experiences, to discover sustainable Paris.

This city, which I love so much, has revealed its secrets and plans for the future, making it a place i absolutely and totally adore and admire. 

I had the pleasure to prepare and guide a very special tour of architects, urbanists, landscape architects and other professionals from the field of architecture and planning, all eager to learn about what's on in Paris in the field of sustainability and ecology - organised by the ILGBC. It was a fascinating experience, i myself have learned a lot and discovered hidden faces of the place i thought i knew so well.  A huge thank you to all those dear people who kindly and generously shared their projects and knowledge with us, taking us around and revealing all the aspects of their interesting undertakings. 

Looking forward to doing it again.... 

IASS, Boston


Once again, joining architects, engineers and lots of interesting people, at the annual IASS conference. This time - In Boston ! I will be presenting my last advances in the PhD research, this time with the precious collaboration of Pierre Latteur from UCLouvain. 16-20/07/2018. C U there!

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Inaugurating Ilanot

It is difficult to describe the emotions and excitement of this very special event, where all the dear people who helped making this dream become reality gathered for the inauguration of Ilanot sensorial garden. The place has been running for quite a while now, and yet, this modest inauguration ceremony reminded us all the journey we have all been through to make this happen. May the kids of Ilanot enjoy it for many more years ahead. Wishing to thank each and every person involved in this beautiful mission...  

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Mechanical testing at UCLouvain


An exciting adventure, at UCLouvain. I am running mechanical testing there, tearing apart, compressing and torturing my Layered Fabric Materiality FRP panels (also known as FMFRP, or simply the "waffles"). All this, in order to try to get to know better my panels, and start figuring out how they behave and what they could do... 

Thank you UCLouvain, and prof. Pierre Latteur for the generous invitation, thank you Quentin and Vincent for your precious help in running these tests. 

Polo Kayak at Ashdod Lake


If you are surprised to see that Ashdod has a lake that you've never visited- that's perfectly normal, as this lake does not yet exist, and is going to be constructed soon. Yes, Ashdod too will have its own artificial lake, just by the sea.

If this is not surprising enough, Ashdod has Polo-Kayak club, (a kayak based sports game of polo) , and its home base is going to be right in this lake.

Include will be in charge of the architecture of this modest club, right by the lake, meters from the beach. Good Luck!

photo: Leonid Padrul

Meet us at the museum for a farewell to 'Fleeting'!


Shira and I will be giving a short talk about our recent Jacquard 2.0 work 'Fleeting', as part of the closing events of 'On the Edge' exhibition,  at Eretz Israel Museum.

We will unveil some of the scientific principles and artistic ideas behind this collaborative work, as well as our experience as designers wearing the white lab-coat. 

Meet us there !  Friday, 20.10, 11:00! 

To the Project 

Jacquard2.0's  recent work, 'Fleeting', in Designboom!!! 


IASS, Hamburg


I will be presenting my last advances in the PhD research in the upcoming IASS conference in Hamburg. Another good opportunity to exchange ideas, hear valuable critics, and fish for the next collaboration...

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Participating in the fresh and interesting conference of "Kine[sys]tem : from natural to architectural matter" in Lisbon. I presented the LifeObject installation, emphasizing the natural and biomimetic aspects of the project. Lisbon was beautiful,interesting and great fun, as were  Manuel Kretzer, Alex Haw and Bob Sheil

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The recent and exciting project of Jacquard 2.0 (with Shira Shoval), 'Fleeting' is now on show at the MUZA (Eretz Israel Museum) in Tel Aviv, in a collective exhibition "On the Edge". curated by Anat Getenyu. Unfortunately, Dr. Tiffany Abitbol, the incredible scientist who worked with us on this collaboration could not make it for the opening, but the inspiring Prof. Oded Shoseyov, the godfather of this project (which took place in his lab as part of the ongoing research and development in NanoCellulose) was there ! thank you all. 

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"Ot Haitzuv" Design award  !!


It was a great joy to be awarded the Ot Haitzuv Design Award this sunday, for our project of The Giving Tree- a sensorial garden for children with disabilities, together with my amazing partners of Include- Tali Cohen Anderson and Omri Ben Artzi

Ilanot garden of senses reaching the crowds


Ilanot Garden of senses is reaching the crowds! Thanks to a beautiful report of journalist Na'ama Riba at Ha'aretz newspaper, both in the printed and digital platforms, the story of our project (with Tali Cohen Anderson) has reached an unprecedented amount of people. I am thrilled by the idea that more than 100K people in israel have heard about the proejct and thousands have commented...


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The opening of Ilanot garden of senses


A very exciting moment, marking the end of more than five years of work on a very special project, for a very special place. Together with my incredible partner Tali Cohen Anderson, we have planned and designed the outdoor spaces of Ilanot school in Jerusalem , hosting about 70 children with severe disabilities, aged 6 to 21.  Aiming to enable  experiences of fun, relaxation, therapy and learning through sensorial stimulation and play, we have designed custom made installations for the courtyard. We have joined forces  with the talented and sensitive industrial designer Omri ben Arzi, who manufactured the custom made elements of the courtyard. 

It was a long journey of learning and prototyping, helped by the school's professional team of therapists and teachers with their unique knowledge and patience. Graphic design and overall branding for the school was put in the talented hands and loving heart of As We Design

These first moments of joy of the kids entering for the first time in the courtyard, after years without any outdoor spaces for play in the school, were emotional and exciting. 

This project is a modular platform that could be adapted and customised to many different configurations and needs, following the same spirit. We are looking forward eagerly to implement our system and conclusions in new places, for the happiness and benefit of those in need... 


Thank you Tali, for a instructive and enriching experience of true partnership! 

The opening of LifeObject


It is finally happening ! the opening of the Israeli pavilion at the architecture biennale in Venice. We are all excited, curators and presenting teams, scientists, architects, families and friends, 

Please join us for the opening on the 26th at 13:00, if you are around!

The LifeObject installation at the ground level created by the curatorial team of the pavilion, provides the visitors with a material and sensorial introduction to the exhibition, leading to a speculative platform on the upper levels, with architectural projects by seven teams of renowned Israeli scientists and architects.  

A bio-architectural Phrasebook serves as the conceptual underpinning for the exhibition, accompanied by a book.